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Most Rev.  Dr. C. V. Mathew

 About Us

The emergence of St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India in 1961 was one of the remarkable events in the History of Christianity in kerala. STECI is an Evangelical, Episcopal, Ecclesiastical body which categorically defends that the Holy Bible is the inspired, inerrant and infallible Word of God. The church has a decree to preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all the nations of the world, especially to India. The church is divided into seven dioceses for the sake of effective administration. 

East Kerala diocese came into existence when the East-West Diocese of STECI was divided, for the sake of promoting more spiritual growth and efficient administration, into East Kerala and west kerala dioceses. Under the gifted leadership of  Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Thomas Abraham the diocese began to function formally on 14th April, 2011. He served as the Bishop of East kerala Diocese till December,2013. Bishop Most Rev. Dr. C. V. Mathew is in charge of the diocese from January,2014 onwards.

The Diocese of East Kerala is spread in three districts, namely, Pathanamthitta, Kottayam, and Idukki. There are fourty seven parishes organized into seven centers, namely Ranni, Konni, Kumplampoika, omalloor, Ayroor-kozhencherry, kottayam and vandenmedu. The Diocese of East Kerala is also blessed with the leadership of diocesan bishop, service of the presbyters,evangelists,sevinis and the deep-rooted evangelical faith of the laity.

Recent News


Dedication ceremony of Diocese Headquarters  on Oct 23rd ,2016
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Workers Meeting on 29th Nov. 2016 at Headquarters

Sevini Samajam District Meeting on 12th Dec 2016 at Diocese Headquarters

 Diocesan Bishop

The Most. Rev. Dr. C. V. Mathew, Bishop of East Kerala diocese, is a renowned theologian,writer, preacher, teacher, administrator and a conference speaker. He was the Principal of the Jubilee Memorial Bible College, Chennai, TN India. He served the christian community in several capacities as the President Bible Society of India - Kerala Auxiliary, Deputy Chairman of the Lausanne Committee of world Evangelization, Director of World Vision international Asia Pacific Region, Academic Dean of Union Biblical Seminary & Chairman of the Evangelical Fellowship of India, It is noteworthy that his area of specialization is in Religions, Hindu Fundamentalism, and a Christian response.